Top 10 tips for new mountain bikers

Top 10 tips for new mountain bikers New to the sport of mountain biking? No problem, you are more than welcome. Trust us from Cruising through the environment on two wheels and with your own legs is amazing. Like in any other sport, the years count. The longer you ride,

Enduro mountain bike tours and your nutrition

Big tour mountain biking The day that you join a group of mountain bikers that go out into nature might come soon or maybe you have already joined such a group. They might opt for a long day or maybe for a week of every day “enduro”. When you go on

Val Gardena, mountain biking in the Italian Dolomites.

  Italian style mountain biking. Val Gardena is, like most of the more famous Alp regions, known for their outstanding winter sport conditions. If you mention the name Val Gardena to winter sports fanatics, there is a great chance they will directly mention: 'Sella Ronda’. A great round-trip with over 100 km

S-Guard is SKS Germany’s variant on the ass-saver

“Good products take their time for development” The ass savers have conquered the world of cycling for quite some time now. As most cyclists do not like regular mudguards, smaller variants were accepted rather quickly. SKS Germany launched their variant of the ass-saver a couple of weeks ago. Their new product