How nutrition can help your performance and recovery

Relation between nutrition, performance and recovery.

Eating and drinking after the race is essential to be able to perform at the best of your ability. Nutrition is important for your endurance, recovery and to build up your muscles. Nutrition is therefore also important in preventing mountain bike injuries.

During your mountain bike ride it is important to keep your body hydrated and your minerals on point. After these two factors, carbohydrates and proteins are the products to look out for. When athletes do not drink enough, nutrition cannot be transported to your blood vessels. As a result, your body is not able to stock glycogen. Therefore it is essential to keep well hydrated.

Muscles and nutrition
During a tough race or heavy training, you damage muscle tissues in your body. It is important to recover quickly after doing heavy mountain biking. Proteins and carbohydrates are two important products to recover as quickly as possible. Taking in these two products via your nutrition helps recovering from a ride.
Researchers found that the best moment to take in proteins and carbohydrates is within 30 minutes after your training or race. The body consumes the two products the best and as a result the recovery is going quicker. An easy way to take in proteins and carbohydrates is by drinking sport-specific beverages. A healthy meal or energy bar is great stuff too.optie-7

Magnesium is an underestimated product to keep in mind when recovering after mountain biking. Why? Most sportdrinks and bars have added magnesium.
There are lots of different producers of products who all want to help you recover quickly. Do keep in mind your own needs as it is important to replete your shortages. The problem is, when you eat and drink too much regularly after some heavy mountain biking, all the energy you consume too much will be transmitted into fat. Fat increases your weight which is in most cases not the thing athletes want.

How to make your own recovery energy bar?
It is not too difficult to make your own recovery bar instead of buying bars from companies. A big advantage of making your own bars is that you perfectly know which products you add in it. One of favorite products is our energy bar with dates and nuts.

Recipe for ten bikingxpmagazine energy bars
– 50 grams Cranberries
– 75 grams Dates
– 100 grams almonds
– 50 grams Brazil nuts
– 50 grams of seeds and kernels like pumpkin seeds and linseed
– 2 spoons of Chia seeds
– 10 grams almond flour
– 60 ml coconut oil
– 60 ml honey
– 2 eggs
– A small bit of sea salt
– 2 spoons cacao

Products you need:
– Oven dish
– Greaseproof paper
– Knifes
– Cooking pot

1. Warm up the oven till 180 degrees celcius. Put the cranberries, dates, almond flour, nuts, seeds, chia seed, almonds and the seeds and kernels in a cooking pot. Use to knife to cut all products into small pieces. Add coconut oil and add the honey, eggs, sea salt and cacao. Mix firmly.
2. Put greaseproof paper on your oven dish.
3. Empty the cooking pot on the oven dish. Spread the substance equally over the dish.
4. Put the dish in the oven and let it bake for 25 minutes.energybar2
5. Let the substance cool down and cut the bars in ten pieces.


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