Paznaun valley, alpine outdoor at his best.

Take a deep breath, relax and feel the energy of the mountains. Everything in the Paznaun valley has been done to maximize your outdoor experience without losing the sense of relaxation.ischgl4

The high mountain valley of Paznaun is situated in the western part of Tirol, Austria and has a length of over 40 kilometers. It is bordered in the north by the Austrian region of Vorarlberg and in the south by his neighbor Switzerland. Three massifs give you a beautiful sight on high alpine mountains. The Verwall Alps in the north, the Silvretta group and the Samnaun Alps in the south. All stacked with over 3.000 meters high mountains.



The access to the valley leads over the famous Silvretta High Alpine Road, where motorized traffic is minimized. There there is plenty of room for all kinds of outdoor sports and, of course, endless mountain biking. With over 1.000 kilometers of trails this is one of the largest bike-regions in the Alps. If that’s not enough, for the real endure fans even pass overs to the Vorarlberg in the north of Tirol and direct connections with Switzerland; Samnaun and even Klosters can be reached. For that last matter it is wise not to forget your passport as lots of the trail leads you over an adventurous network of old smuggler paths.


The Ischgl Arena is a well-known skiing region in winter and with that experience the owners of the region build a nice range of biking options, from easy family valley trips to extended day-trips and all the way freeride tours. And if you don’t like climbing much, all the ascents of the cable cars with the free Silvretta card all-inclusive are indeed free. The Ischgl Arena is therefore a perfect region for both up- and downhill riding.Ischgl_Sommer

We must say the region does a lot to provide everybody with all kinds of information to complete your MTB-experience. A free tourist guide is available as well as a compass map with a description of numerous tours or online GPS data to download. For those who need assistance, guides are available and enhance you with riding tips and tricks especially on downhill.


We went riding for a day with a guide of the bike-academy located in Ischgl. It’s always nice to get tips and tricks from the real professionals. Especially when you are a flatlander, starting to ride a real downhill asks for more bike handling and the right use of your breaks and suddenly you notice that button to lower your saddle really comes in handy. We took a part of the downhill used during the Ischgl Ironbike, the annual marathon. Sizzling 1.200 meters in altitude downhill designed by the Austrian mountain bike legend Hans Rey makes you forget all the effort during the climb up mountain. We could have used the free cable car and makes it ourselves more comfortable, but the satisfaction of such a downhill after the climb makes it all worthwhile. Hopefully one day we will get another chance and use the lifts for trying to break downhill records.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an active holiday full of mountain biking, the Paznaun valley is certainly a region to consider. There is a good variation in trails, so every type of biker can meet his level. Want to take a day off? The region offers enough other fun activities to meet family demands. And forgive the brochure language, biking in breathtaking alpine with blooming alpine meadows and impressive rock formations is always a pleasure.

Four localities

Four localities make the holiday region Paznaun one of the most diverse regions in Austria: Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl and See. While in vibrant Ischgl, the mountain bike scene enjoys itself on spectacular single trails, climbers and bouldering fans will find their paradise in charming Galtür. Enjoying nature, swimming fun, mountain biking and culinary highlights are the specialties of Kappl and See. The idyllic village atmosphere meets pristine countryside in this region.das-highlight-des-mtb-festivals-bleibt-der-legendare-ischgl-ironbike-marathon-am-6.-august-mit-uber-20.000-euro-preisgeld_-c-tvb-paznaun-ischgl

Ischgl Ironbike

From August 3-6 2016 the Paznaun valley hosts the 22nd Ischgl Ironbike. Starting on Wednesday accompanied by the sunset with the Ischgl Alpenhaus Trophy almost 1.000 meters in altitude climbing ending with, for the real cracks, on Saturday with the Ironbike over 79 kilometers and 3.820 meters in altitude. Still, to be crowned as Silvretta MTB King or Queen you need to compete both in the Ischgl Ironbike and the M3 Montafon MTB marathon.

Too much? Pleasure is the most important ingredient, participants have enough alternatives in family and medium trails, so everyone can compete.


Easy to reach via Bregenz (85 km) or Innsbrück (80 km).

Distances: Utrecht 925 km, Frankfurt 550 km, Munich 200 km, Brussels 850 km, Paris 835 km, Milan 350km.

Over 1.000 kilometers of single trails. All in different variations, from family friendly (almost) flat trails, to medium, hard or real endure trails with demanding downhills.

Lowest point 710 mtrs. ab. sea-level, highest 2.800 mtrs. ab. sea-level.

Good availability of rental bikes. Ischgl has a bike-academy with licensed instructors and guides. Very well documented routes. GPS dates available.

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