Three trainings you can do in one hour

Three trainings you can do in one hour

Busy life

A lot of people have a busy life. The combination of work, family and sports is difficult to manage. We all know the feeling of coming home late after a busy day at work and after spending some quality time with your family you barely have any time for mountain bike training. You start to doubt if you should still go for a ride after such a long day. Maybe just a small training or do I stay home? Looking from fitness perspective: increase your attitude and go for that ride!

Short runs
Science in running proved so: the short runs also did do something to your fitness. Eighteen runners trained ten to fifteen minutes every week for eight weeks in total. Although the training time was not long, fifteen of the eighteen runners got a better ability of oxygen intake and got a better overall fitness variating between eight and twelve percent. Next to that, the heart rate of the runners went down. Pretty big results, although these runners were rather new to the sport.

TRAILSOURCE.COM. Mountain Bike Bottle Lake Forest Park, Christchurch, New Zealand
TRAILSOURCE.COM. Mountain Bike Bottle Lake Forest Park, Christchurch, New Zealand

Of course we cannot make scientific conclusions ourselves but we expect the results can be compared to mountain biking. What kind of short rides can benefit your biking fitness? Here are three trainings to do in 1 hour.

1. Rest on the bike

Just a slow ride with a low heartrate can benefit your overall fitness. Taking a rest on the bike is always better than taking a rest on the couch. Rest is still a underestimated part of a regular training scheme.

2. Extensive interval

Interval training can be done in a hour. This can be extensive (65% – 75% of your maximum heartrate) and intensive (85-95% of your maximum heart rate). In both cases, make sure you do a warming-up before starting to do intervals on your local hill or track. The intervals can differ between two minutes of hard riding and twenty seconds. One of the most effective training sessions is the 20 seconds full throttle and 10 seconds rest. More information about this training can be found here. Don’t forget to cool-down after these kinds of trainings.

3. Intensive interval

One hour is suitable for an intensive endurance training. Simply ride full gas for an hour. Do keep your heart rate in mind. Take your maximum heart rate into a count. An intensive endurance training is around 85-90% of your maximum heart rate.

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