Women’s olympic mountain bike race

Women’s olympic mountain bike race

Swedish Jenny Rissveds takes the gold medal

Jenny Rissveds has won the Olympic Mountainbike race in Rio de Janeiro. The Swedish 22-year old, being the youngest rider on the course, broke free in the sixth and final lap and finished solo. Maja Wloszczowska from Poland took silver, making it her second silver medal as she had one from the Beijing Games from 2008. Catherine Prendel from Canada took third beating her compatriot Emily Batty in a sprint on the line.

Swiss women take initiative

The Swiss Linda Indergand set the pace in the first lap passing the finish line first before going into the second lap. During the second lap her lead faded away, against the chasers Rissveds, Wloszczowska and Jolanda Neff. During the following laps Neff paid for her efforts in order to try and keep up with the pace set by Rissveds making her lose contact with Rissveds and Wloszczowka.

Neff kept losing more time eventually making room for a chase trio consisting of Canadians Prendel and Batty and Katerina Nash from Czechia. Meanwhile Wloszczowska and Rissveds coorporated well together.picture courtesy of mtbcrosscountry.com

Final attack

At the start of the final lap Rissveds made her decisive attack on the rocky, technical sections of the course. She managed to hold onto her lead to secure her first gold medal.

The results can be retrieved here

Tomorrow it will be the men’s turn to compete in Rio de Janeiro.

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